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Top 5 Marketing In San Jose, CA

I could easily write about all the problems I see small companies doing with their digital footprint. But who wants to be negative? Also, it would take 5 years to write them all out, and we have money to make.

Instead, I want to showcase 5 companies that are doing an AMAZING job with their digital footprint.

Consistency, beauty, cross promoting, utilization, and cost were all taken into account when choosing these 5. (I will be doing a separate blog on real estate marketing)

None of them are clients of ours except one. I was actually trying to avoid using them at all but our strategy in promoting them does things that I don’t see anywhere and think they are important to highlight.

These strategies work across Social platforms, but I am linking only websites and Instagram accounts.

It is important to note that all of these can use more videos, but I am a huge proponent of “do everything you can,” so I may be a little biased, and we coincidentally create A LOT of videos.

So here are 5 companies that are doing it right (in alphabetical order):

This company is incredible and SO smart. Not only do they create amazing floral arrangements, but a huge chunk of their social media posts are taken from the professional photographers at the events they are creating the arrangements for!

Cost to them for a huge chunk of incredible looking posts? $0

Not every company can do this, but the fact that they CAN and DO is what makes them special. It doesn’t hurt that they are basically in the beauty business and beauty/aesthetics is a MAJOR component to creating “viral” content. People like going through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and seeing things that are pleasant to the eye.

Their website ( is well done with a ton of color and personality right at the top of the page. We are huge proponents of YOU at MediaMedia. YOU need to be seen. YOU need to be heard. Clients and customers need to see YOU, because YOU are what separates YOU from THEM. I see “The Flower Guys” prominently displayed at the top of the front page and automatically say to myself, “They seem fun, I would love to work with them.”

Social Media: A+

Website: A+

Changes: Would love to see some videos of them creating the arrangements, working with clients/part/wedding designers.

The iconic Downtown Willow Glen delicatessen absolutely crushes Instagram and they don’t have to. Who doesn’t know La Villa?

Why do they do it? Because they get it. They know how important it is to have a digital footprint. If they didn’t, the Covid crises would have been much harder on them. Why? Because they had a community and an easily accessible way to communicate with them. I can’t tell you how many businesses blew up my phone in ’19 to try and figure out what to do without a social media presence. They were scrambling and had to take some drastic (expensive) measures to manufacture something they should have had all along.

Just like the other companies on this list, La Villa keeps their digital advertising low because they do it right. They post every day and when they do something really cool, like provide food for the 49ers or Sharks, they make sure they document it and post it. Who doesn’t want to get raviolis at the same place George Kittle gets his?

They post their amazing food, daily specials, celebrity interactions, new micro brews, and new menu items. It’s perfect. They allow their followers to know what is going on and when, and for nothing more than a few moments of their time to take the pic, post it, and hashtag it.

Their website ( is a totally different subject, but you can let it slide because you can’t think of Downtown Willow Glen without thinking of La Villa.

Social Media: A+

Website: C- (out of respect)

Changes: I will always push for more videos and they really should update their website. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, but it also shouldn’t scream 1998 either. With all due respect.

This one is ours.

I love what we do here but I will also be honest and tell you areas we can improve.

We push a lot of content across Facebook, Instagram, iTunes and YouTube. Our strategy is access. Every Sunday, the website completely flips to represent the sermon from THAT day. This allows for people that are either staying home because of Covid concerns, former members living in other cities and states, or potential members to be able to all receive the message the same day. We post high quality photos, the full service (which is run live on Facebook, YouTube and our website via YouTube), the choir selections (both audio and video), and sermon (both audio and video) to all of our socials and website THAT day.

You couldn’t miss what we do if you tried!

There are Sunday email blasts (in case you are not good with The Socials) with all the service happenings and announcements, daily emails with the scriptures and lessons that will be covered in that weekend’s Bible study, and video highlights posted throughout the week in case you don’t want to sit through a whole sermon.

The website is constantly updated with every event (with links) that we are doing so everyone who wants information can easily get it.

So, where can the improvements fit in? Original content.

Obviously, sermons are technically original content, and we did a short movie for Christmas, but I would love to develop a media company within Emmanuel. There are singers, actors, writers, and many naturally talented people within the community, why not build off of that talent? The best example I can think of is an almost Barstool Sports type approach. TV (YouTube) shows, merch, albums, movies, documentaries, events, etc.

It would be a major shift, and an exorbitant adjustment to the pay scale, but when you see potential, you double down on potential. Right?

Social Media: A+

Website: A+

Changes: Always go bigger.

This coffee shop is an example of perfection.

From the design of the coffee shop itself, to the amazing products, the community events, the website ( and the social media sharing, it oozes intentionality and attention to detail.

First of all, every corner and angle in their coffee shop is perfect for taking pictures. The colors, designs, stories behind the designs all make you want to share your experience. Which means cheap and highly effective advertising. If your friends love it, you probably will too.

They have built an Instagram page with nearly 15k followers with their own posts of imagery from around the shop, customer photos, selfies, event promotion, and the events themselves. Their IG page is just as colorful and inviting as the coffee shop itself. They not only post, but interact with the community with their posts, which is something you can’t do if you automate your Socials! Hearing from YOU is a HUGE deal in building an online community and presence.

The easy road is rarely the best road.

They do a wonderful job promoting the people working there, events around the community, and all without the feeling that they are advertising. They are just sharing, and what they share is awesome.

Social Media: A+

Website: A+

Changes: I would love to see live feeds of their events, and of course, more videos.

Last but certainly not least, custom decal/printing/design company, Stikrd.

It is extremely important to share all of the different things your company can do if you are a company like Stikrd. It would be easy to compartmentalize them (because of the name) as JUST a sticker company. But because of their approach to The Socials, you know that they do custom stickers for bikes, but they also do: amazing car wraps, logo designs, graphic design, t-shirts, infographics, signs, snowboard wraps, and a million other things!

If they weren’t showcasing that, how would you know they do it? Exactly. You wouldn’t. Which is why what they do and how they do it is so important. People need to see what you can do!

Like Apis and Nirvana Soul, they do an amazing job of sharing their customers’ posts. This company is shipping all over the United States so it would be impossible to get pics/vids of all of their products after they are assembled without being diligent about staying connected with their customers. They don’t just “post and ghost.” This is time consuming but extremely cost effective. It makes customers feel good that the company they just gave their hard-earned money to is taking the time to react to their posts, and it also gives you feedback on the things that people like to share and what other people want to see so you can double down on what works organically. We love organic now-a-days, right? The good thing is THIS kind of organic is inexpensive.

Guess what I would love to see more of? You guessed it! Videos!

From talking to the owner, I know he is in the mountain bike community. This allows him to create a product that other mountain bike enthusiasts will appreciate and enjoy, because he truly knows what they are looking for. It also is a sport that allows from some pretty sweet videos and photos and I would love to see more of him and his employees “in the wild.”

Their website is very clean, easy to use, and I am excited for what they are developing behind the scenes for their custom decal ordering. Everything is done at a high level, which makes the user experience as enjoyable as finished product itself.

Social Media: A+

Website: A+

Changes: More videos, duh.

If there are other Bay Area businesses that you love to interact with online please reach out and let me know who they are. I love seeing businesses doing great work with their digital footprint.

See you in March!

- Joey


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