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Marketing Your Arrogance

No one does this on purpose.

When I say, “marketing your arrogance” I don’t mean that your business is literally marketing arrogance, I mean you are showing your arrogance by the way you market.

Other people may not see it, but I do.

How Do You Market Arrogance?

With sh***y marketing.

Yeah, I said it.

Your marketing sucks.

There are a list of reasons why your marketing sucks, but it usually comes down to two things: ego or ignorance.

Honestly, it’s the two squished together. Egonorance? Maybe. If you say it really fast it sounds like you are saying ignorance with a heavy accent, like the delivery guy in Big Daddy. It might catch on. #egonorance.

(Ego) You think you are untouchable because what you are doing is working (however you define working) and (ignorance) you don’t understand that all you need is a rival business that markets correctly to take a huge chunk out of your customers.

Let’s take hair salons for example.

I am not sure what it is, but in every expensive town, or expensive part of town, there are a lot of hair salons.

That means lots of money, and lots of competition.

Most salons stop with the money. And why not? They are making enough, whatever that means, and they think that the work speaks for itself. They don’t need to market themselves more. They certainly don’t need an agency to help them. They have an Instagram page with 1000 followers, what else do they need? What they don’t realize is all it will take to bring them down is one of their competition hiring a marketing agency like MediaMedia and suddenly they aren’t bringing in the customers they used to. Their “speak for itself” grows quiet. Sssshhhhhh.

You can get defensive and fight back, but their competition will already have the offensive advantage.

Never be on the defense. Always be on the offense.

Remember that.

What Is Bad Marketing?

Let’s stick with salons for our example. Here is a top 5, in no particular order (it's usually all of them).

  1. No marketing at all (that’s obvious, right?).

  2. Out of date social media posts. If the top of your feed is 2 weeks old, you suck at marketing. You are not putting in nearly enough time. Post every, single, day! Mix it up. Photos, videos, blogs, vlogs, etc. Do it ALL.

  3. The same thing that all of your competition is doing. For salons, blue wavy hair, or blonde wavy hair. It’s not bad to have those photos, people need to see your work, but does your whole page need to be that? I can get the same thing from every other post I saw today. What makes you different? (and please don't say you will have a sale. Sales are stupid. I am totally against them). It’s all about the work, and the people that do that work. Use it all.

  4. Thinking that your grainy video measures up to a real video, made with real gear. I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “oh, we do video! It may not be great, but it works for us.” (me puking). They have 9 views, but it’s totally working.

  5. Zero advertising. Word of mouth? Is that what you are going to do? How about a telegram? That works too. We are living in a time where you can pinpoint the EXACT customers that you want, and that want you, and you aren’t putting in money for advertising? It’s ridiculous. Drop a couple bucks. For the record, all of our advertising dollars are built I to the monthly fee. #micdrop

The Bright Side

The sunshine is all for me.

As businesses realize it takes very little extra money to completely separate yourself from your competition, my company will grow bigger and bigger.

For the price of a minimum wage employee (in California, just want to be clear), you can have a marketing agency running your online presence.

Did you hear me?


You may not see them every day like your employees, but that’s ok. Social media takes a TON of time. Recording, writing, editing, interacting, developing, creating, it’s a constant push. I don’t work 7 days a week for nothing. I love it, so that’s another bright side, but it’s consuming when you do it right.

That’s why you either hire an employee that wants to do two jobs worth of work, or you hire an outside agency to run it.

You do what you do great, and the agency makes sure EVERYONE sees it in a variety of different ways.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Free Offer

If you want a consultation on your marketing strategy, I will be happy to look over your content and give you suggestions and strategies for FREE. This offer will only last until 5/24/17. That is one week from today and my birthday. I would love to help you for no other reason than I love this s*** and think so many people are doing a horrible job.

Email me: or fill out the contact form at

No bulls***, no mailing list, no bait and switch, just advice, a sounding board, or whatever else you need.

Talk to you soon,

- Joey

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