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The Secret Weapon To Small Business Marketing

It’s simple.

Almost too simple.

The secret weapon to marketing your business is …. (drumroll)….


Don’t get me wrong, your product needs to be great too. But after you get that taken care of, it’s all about Y-O-U. Whether you are a lawyer, barber, doctor, own a bakery, bike store, or anything else, YOU should be the centerpiece of your marketing.

As if you didn’t have enough to do already. Am I right?

Why are YOU so important? Because there is only one YOU. There are tons of lawyers, doctors, stores, restaurants, etc. with many similarities among them. But what’s one thing your competitor doesn’t have?


They don’t have you and they don’t have your employees. The faces, voices, personalities, and knowledge of you and your team naturally separates you from your competition.

Why? Because…

You Are Special

A special little snowflake!!


Just kidding….. sort of.

No one looks like you, talks like you, or acts like you. You may be the best lawyer, the best doctor, or have the real estate office, but if people don’t see you and hear you, you are missing on 80% of the potential connection.

Pictures? They are nice.

But a connection is made with video.

That’s the reason YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google. People like to watch and listen. They like to see faces, they connect with the personalities.

I know you guys read about the little kid making $11mil a year reviewing toys. That’s 100% through connecting on video. That’s it. $11,000,000!

You know this though, you do the same thing! You shop where there is a connection. You eat where there is a connection. You are choosing to connect or not connect every day.

Where are your customers and clients connecting with you?

Where can they see you?

Do they have to physically see you to connect?

How many is that a day?

How many could it be if you had a better social presence?

Yeah, lots.


There is a reason companies get celebrities to endorse products. You have already built a relationship with them by listening to their music, or watching their movies. Can you imagine some random dude instead of Matthew McConaughey in the Lincoln commercials? You would think he was a weirdo. But you know MM. You saw Magic Mike, or How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, or like me, you loved him in Dazed And Confused, and BOOM! The commercial is not that weird anymore (but still pretty weird, let’s be honest).

Alright, Alright!

The Source

The Power of You is you becoming the source of the information your clients and the general public is looking for.


Are you catching the theme of this article?

What has made Google and YouTube so powerful? Heck, what has made the internet so powerful? It is the source of the information you are looking for.

So who is the source of information for your clients? Or Customers? Are you referring them to someone else? Or are you providing it? Just so you know, as soon as you send your clients somewhere else for information you diminish your expertise in their eyes. There is so much power in expertise. You have that power, but are you using it?

You know the information. Even if you learned it from the source you are sending them to you know it now. So why not give them the information directly from you? You retain the power, the expertise, and you become THE source for your clients.

Let Your Voice Be Heard (and Your Face Be Looked At!)

What if you took the 20 most common questions and created videos for each one?

What if 80% of the questions that came in each day, that you take time to respond to, could be answered by referring to the Video section of your website, where you are the one answering the question?

What if you took questions from your clients or customers and created videos each week that answer their questions because you know there are other people out there with the same questions? Not only have you made that individual customer happy, but other people just like them. Relationships like that spread quickly. Not only are you an expert, but you take your expert time to answer questions from your clients/customers? That has incredible written all over it.

Imagine the community you could build around sharing information you already know! You don’t need to go back to school. You don’t have to study. You just have to share your wisdom. That’s it.

Let people see you.

Make the connection.

Show your expertise.

It’s time to use your secret weapon.

- Joey

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