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No Soliciting

“I didn’t get your email, but I wouldn’t have responded to it anyways. I ignore solicitors.”


Who is a solicitor? (as I look around the empty bakery)

I’m an artist. I create beautiful media for marketing.


That’s right.

I am technically trying to get her to pay me for a product or service.

Which means I am technically soliciting.

Which means I am technically a solicitor.


I’m the dude that I leave on the front porch, holding a clipboard, or box of candy, or whatever.


Because I ignore solicitors.

Now I am one.


So what did I do?

My Soliciting Without Soliciting Strategy

It was February 14th, and I had a brilliant idea. I decided to not solicit anymore.

How was I going to generate more clients (besides recommendations)?

I was going to non-solicit solicit.

Are you following me here?

Why don’t I just tell you what I did?

I created a video around all the companies I wanted to “solicit.” Connect with them, meet them, exchange business cards, and create for them.

I made a video about love, on Valentine’s Day, in an area that has a ton of wonderful small businesses: Los Gatos, CA.

Using locals, store owners, and random people that just happened to be on the street that morning, I connected with local shops in a completely non-soliciting manner, while still soliciting.

When I came in to a shop, I introduced myself to the owners or the patrons, explained what I was

doing, exchanged cards, and filmed. Did I get turned down a couple time? Yes. But not because I was soliciting, because they were uncomfortable being on camera.

It was perfect!

I got to meet some wonderful people, and it gave me a chance to vet them for future work. Who wants to work with someone they don’t really like? Exactly! This way, I would know if I even wanted to work with them at all! It was perfect!

The Video

Once the video was completed (that same day), I threw it up on Facebook, @’ed each of the businesses I interviewed, and boosted it. 1000 views later, I went back to the companies and inquired about future work. I mean, what company wouldn’t like 1000 views a day? Exactly! They had already met me, already “worked” with me, and the results were great! No mean looks, no attitude, just a bunch of cool small business owners getting together and creating something wonderful!

Here is the video:

And here are the great companies I connected with:

It worked so well, I tried it again with an awesome shop in Downtown San Jose. It connected me with that shop as well as the market as a whole. Two birds, one stone, no soliciting.

Here is that video:

And here is the store and market that I connected with:

How Are You Going To Not Solicit?

No matter what you do, you can “not” solicit too. How are you going to do it? How can you give value, show your work, and connect in a way that is not selling anything? How can you just be two businesses coming together to create something very cool?

I would love to hear your ideas, approaches, etc. Please comment below!

Happy marketing everyone!

Have a wonderful day!

- Joey

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