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The Most Efficient Marketing For A Bar Or Pub (or any other place that sells alcohol)

When I mean efficient, I mean, you need to make one purchase a year for incredible results.

To be more exact, it’s a few purchases, but only once.

I am making the assumption that if you run a pub, bar, or restaurant, you already have mirrors in your bathroom.

This article may have you purchasing more.

The Big Questions

How many people look at themselves more when they are slightly buzzed?

How many people take more selfies when they are out having a good time?

Do the levels of selfies increase or decrease with the amount of alcohol being consumed?


Why not take advantage of that?

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. They are all being used constantly on Friday and Saturday nights.

Why not take it to another level?


With mirrors and Fatheads. (this is not an ad for Fatheads by the way).

A quick explanation: Buy a bunch of Fatheads, cut off the heads and arms (so your patrons have their arms and faces in the picture), and stick them on the bathroom mirrors. Make sure you have the name of your place on the opposite wall so it shows up in the photos, and just watch it explode.

The advertising will take care of itself.

Why? How?

Because you will be creating your own stand in!

What the hell is a stand in?

I actually had to look up what the name was. Seen them my whole life, no idea what they were called.

You know those things at carnivals where they give you the body, and you stand behind it and it’s your face? Then you take an adorable picture?

That’s a stand in!

What if you had those at a bar? With drunk people? Already taking selfies?

Holy crap is right!


Women: Disney characters, famous singers, characters from movies, etc. You could have: The Little Mermaid, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian. You could have a good looking dude (me, just kidding), with a slot cut out on his arm where the girl could be in her selfie.

Can you see it?

The possibilities are endless!

Men: John Cena, The Rock, Terminator, Trump (with the hair), etc. Maybe get a fat guy for something funny.

Can you see it now?

Obviously you would have to pick a person that represents your bar, but other than that, the sky is the limit.

Still need to be sold on this idea?

Ok, just imagine, you are in a bar, a couple drinks deep, and you go to the bathroom. You see an opportunity to take a funny picture and share it with everyone right then. Are you going to take the opportunity? Of course!

Because it is awesome you are going to show everyone.

Because you are showing everyone the place where you took the picture will be getting free advertising.

Because you can take unique pictures (with you in them) at your bar that everyone thinks is cool, when people are deciding where to go out tonight, it will inevitably be your place.


Because you have something awesome that no one else has.


Be the first to market on this one.

Be a game changer.

Be a pioneer.

- Joey

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