The Spectacular Snapchat Spectacles

I am advising all my clients to get these.

Every single one of them.


I will tell you that in a minute.

How? Is the better question right now.

How indeed?

As of right now, I need to wait 17 hrs. just to find out where I can buy them. That’s right, where in the world is the Snapchat Spectacles bot? Because that’s the only place you can buy it. I mean, besides paying double or triple on EBay or Amazon. To be honest, double or triple would be good. It’s the shady people selling you something other than Spectacles that I would be really worried about. There are some real jerks out there. You are better off following a one-eyed yellow box around the country.

That’s what I am going to do.


To best explain this, I will tell you my pitch to a local Bay Area restaurant. They haven’t signed on with my company MediaMedia just yet, but it is only a matter of time (positive thinking or alternative facts? We shall see).

The company is SmokeEaters, based in Santa Clara, California.

They are a great wings, beer, burger, sports bar-type restaurant. They have a hot wings contest called The Hellfire Challenge that had TV personality Adam Richman (Man V. Food) puking on the side of the building. These wings are hot. Like, make you puke and feel like your face is melting off hot.


I think this restaurant is the perfect environment for Spectacles.


I know what you are thinking, how many times am I going to pose that question without answering?

Alright, alright. Here you go:

They have 3 locations, tons of employees, a great atmosphere, they are always packed, and they have The Hellfire Challenge.

The combination of Spectacles, a Snapchat takeover, and lots of different waiters, waitresses, bartenders, managers, etc. is the ideal situation to take a company, on the coattails of the fastest and most attention grabbing Social, in to the stratosphere. But even with all of the hype, Snapchat is still grossly underutilized by businesses. The sad thing is, there are so many companies, even in Silicon Valley, that do a horrible job online (which is why I have a business).

Jumping on the coattails of Snapchat, combined with strategic marketing on Facebook and Instagram, could have this, 3 restaurant company, on the tipping point of franchising all over the state and country.

That’s the power of the Web 2.0. That’s the power I have all my clients tap in to.


They already have 16k followers/likes between Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Their Instagram isn’t linked on their webpage, which would probably give that number a bump (come on guys. I’m here, I can help). If they posted their brand spanking new Snapcode on their current Socials, and posted it all over their three restaurants (I suggest custom coasters), the follows would take off immediately.

Next, they act like a relay team. Each night, a new person gets the glasses. Obviously you will not be giving it to the introvert, unless they have a very keen eye. Each employee “takes over” for the night offering their followers a fresh perspective and making the followers experience different every day.

Exciting, true reality TV.

Big games, big moments in the games, The Hellfire Challenge, delicious food, cold drinks, happy people, tons of fun, all on your Snapchat, and broadcasted for the world to see.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Facebook Live all of the Hellfire challenges, because there is nothing more entertaining than people willingly torturing themselves (Jackass 1, 2, & 3), and you have yourself a recipe for amazingness (not really a word, but it fits, so it stays).

The Waiting Game

Now all I need to do is wait until tomorrow morning to see if I am bot hunting or not.

I can’t wait.

If you are already using them, I would love to hear your story!

Have a great rest of your week everyone.



#snapchat #spectacles #marketing

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