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What Does The Top Of Your Game Look Like?

What does success mean?

What does it look like?

How do you know when you are on the top of your game?

Ironically, I have the perfect example of individuals being on top of their game.

In fact, they are on the top of the top of their game.

And not ironically that I have an example, ironically because of who the two people are.

Gary Vaynerchuk & Bill Belichick

Uh, me squeeze me?

Uhhh, a baking powder?

Gary Vee and Billy Bee?

Oh yeah.

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) and Bill Belichick are one and the same.

One does football.

One does business.

(I don’t need to explain which is which do I?)

Both are extremely successful.

Both are machine-like in their work ethic and study.

Both focus on getting better and stronger.

Both leave failures or shortcomings in the past where they belong, focusing on the future.

How Did This Even Cross My Mind?

Good question.

I am a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk (who, ironically is a Jets fan. Sorry bud). I read his books, listen to his keynotes, and study his social media strategies. His knowledge of business and consumer behavior is so on point, he can take situations at random, and be able to pull out a comprehensive plan for success on the spot.

He loves Q&A at his keynotes. Why? Because he doesn’t need to plan out an entire speech to bring immense value to a room full of people. He studies the group he is going to be speaking to, uses his foundational knowledge, and is able to change lives one question at a time, one person at a time, at random, in every room he walks in to.

Total flexibility.

He takes what you have, and can use it.

He takes what you don’t have, and uses that too.

His ability to maneuver is not unlike a football coach, without his Hall Of Fame QB, or his backup QB, or his

Hall Of Fame tight end, and still going 3–1. A situation where other teams implode, he continues to thrive.

Total flexibility.

He takes what you have, and he manipulates it with what he has.

He takes what you don’t have, and exploits it.

The only difference between these two is Gary Vee uses his powers for good. Billy Bee uses his powers to dominate the NFL for the last 15 years. I’m not saying he is using his powers for evil, but there are a lot of people he makes unhappy every season, Gary Vee included.

Both show you how to do it.

Both have been doing it for years.

But no one can do it like them.

Belichick does the same thing on the field that GaryVee does in meetings, during Q&As, and with his clients at VaynerMedia. When you know something inside and out the way these guys do you are able to adjust and adapt it to various situations and scenarios, never being out of the game. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Like the John Lennon quote in The Departed, “I’m an artist, give me a fuckin’ tuba and I’ll get you something out of it.”

Bill Belichick and Gary Vaynerchuk are artists.

All you have to do is give them a fucking tuba.

- Joey

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